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Entotherm Technology

Heat treatment has several benefits over treating bed bugs with chemicals like pesticides. Most pesticides require repeated treatments and residual sprays that stay in your house for weeks. With heat treatment there’s no danger of chemical misapplication (and possibly resulting injuries), or even just the inconvenience of repeated servicing and furniture that reeks of pesticides.  Unfortunately, there’s also the fact that bed bugs are very adept at quickly evolving resistance to pesticides. In the last couple decades the pesticides that were the most effective at killing them, DDT and pyrethroids, have become near useless against bed bug populations. While new pesticides are constantly being developed their use will always be an uphill battle; an arms race against a pest that has nature on its side. Using heat treatment for bed bugs has no risk of developed resistance, and can also be used alongside conventional pesticide treatments; for example, many pest control professionals treat items like mattresses, bedding, clothes, children’s toys etc., with heat while spraying residuals over the dwelling itself.

High Risk Bed Bug Industrious


  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • Hostels


  • Airlines
  • Railways
  • Couches

Public Instituations

  • Healthcare
  • Universities
  • Prisons

Our Technicians are trained to the highest level of Pest Control Standards in the UK.

We are continually learning and strive to Protect both families and businesses more efficiency and effectively. Our Technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) Certified.

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